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Cyberdelics Box Cover
The Box Cover
Copyrights: Masamune Shirow, Kodansha

Based on Masamune Shirow's Ghost In The Shell- The Cyberdelics Box
(N.B. Graphics Intensive) The Cyberdelics Box is a curious piece of Shirow merchandise. Maybe its Kodansha's idea of fun? For a pretty price of 9000 Yen, here's what you will find in this box:

  • 10 posters from the Ghost In The Shell series printed on different type of papers (laminated, silver etched, etc.). Each poster measures 37 x 52 cm.
  • A 500 piece Jigsaw Puzzle, the GITS 2 'Drive Slave' color episode intro. (Comes with adhesives too! Wow! ^_^)
  • Paper model Fuchikoma (You have to build this yourself).
  • A folder containing:
  • Cyberdelics Commentary, 18 page booklet detailing the making of each poster, a Shirow 'How To Color' Guide, instructions for building your paper Fuchikoma, Staff credits, further instructions.
  • 16 Cyberdelics poster mini-stickers
  • 24 colors Fuchikoma seal (nifty!)
  • Scratch Card... if you get a match of Motoko, Batou and the stressed-out Fuchikoma you get a 24 color Fuchikoma T-Shirt! (How cool is that? ^_^)
  • Phone card order sheet (costs 1000Yen minus postage and offer expires 30th Sept 97... too bad!)
  • Certificate of Limited Member (Actually sort of a card)
Useful info- Publisher: Kodansha, 11th July 1997
ISBN 4-06-336301-5 (found in the Commentary book), Limited to 10000 printings.


Cyberdelics Commentary 24 color Fuchikoma seal

Certificate of Limited Member

All Images Copyrights Masamune Shirow and Kodansha.

On a side note, the main cost of the box contents would have to be the poster printings, as they are done in various techniques and on different materials. There is little to offer from the folder and the jigsaw puzzle. It is a Shirow fan's nightmare- costly AND limited.
However if all you're after is images, check out this company called 1000 Editions. They are selling some posters based on the Cyberdelics images, printed on heavy art paper in Spain. And not only Cyberdelics, also some GITS pictures and more recently, Intron Depot 2 pictures. Typically costing US$25 per poster (20+ pounds in the UK), each measures either 68 x 98 cm or 68 x 88 cm.
Or if you are patient enough... there is a mention by Shirow (in the Cyberdelics Commentary) of collecting the Cyberdelics images in a book called 'Intron Depot 3' under the Ghost In The Shell Illustrations section.

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