The Ghost In The Shell: Fuchikoma Papercraft

Fancy Your Own Fuchikoma Attack Force? Within Budget Of Course...

Multi-coloured Paper Attack Force

The Line-up Papercraft Fuchikomas in the book, enough to form your own Special Attack Force! ^_^

Cyberdelics Box owners would remember about the papercraft Fuchikoma included as one of the special Box contents. And although personally I dare not even touch those things let alone cut up the various pieces, the Young Magazine staff (and possibly Shirow Sensei also) must have thought that it was brilliant. Hence, this special 'Fuchikoma Papercraft' book was published. Provided inside were cut-outs for 4 different sets Fuchikomas, printed on thick, high-quality paper. And if you don't want to damage the book, the only way would be to make copies of the pages and use that instead. And nope its not as simple as those basic origami that you can do with scrap papers lying around the house- instead its more like a model-kit type where you have to assemble the various parts in specific shapes together. The 4 Fuchikoma types are as shown in the preview picture, 2 versions of the PS-Type (Playstation type) Fuchikomas and 2 of the original comic version. The difference between the two models are basically just their driver pods and the 'eye' or 'face'. Each Fuchikoma type comes in 2 versions- red and camouflage versions. There's no need to paint them, as they come in their default colours and stickers were provided for you to decorate the Fuchis as well.

Once you have set up your Fuchikomas, you can equip them with the Option parts which are basically guns and ammunitions. Also fancy your Fuchikoma to be the friendly sort? Replace guns with the Deformer parts, giving your Fuchis the silly cat grin ^_^. Last but not least cut out a Major Kusanagi to pose with your lovely papercraft! (Shirow-designed Motokos in different outfits from the Official Art Book). After all the parts, is a how to make section detailing how to put together your Fuchikoma and the right tools to use. To end the book is a little section on the Ghost In The Shell world, for those who are not familiar. Pretty cool, just a pity I can't bring myself to mutilate the book!

Book Informations

Cover, Fuchikoma Papercraft
The Ghost In The Shell: Fuchikoma Papercraft
By Keiji Matsumoto
with Masamune Shirow + Young Magazine Editorial Staff

Published by Kodansha Japan
ISBN4-06-334317-0 C9979
Release Date: 2000
Price: 1500 Yen
Dimensions: 13 x 18 cm
Count: 131 pages

Page001- Stickers :: Page007- Fuchikoma A Type PS-version Red :: Page027 - Fuchikoma B Type PS-version Camouflage :: Page047 - Fuchikoma C Type Original Comic Version Red :: Page067 - Fuchikoma D Type Original Comic Version Camouflage :: Page 087 - Option Parts :: Page 093 - Deformer Parts :: Page 097 - Motoko Kusanagi Poseable Figure :: Page 099 - How To Make :: Page 113 - The World of Ghost In The Shell

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~ Kodansha Japan ~

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