17th Dec. 1999 Koukaku Kidoutai II - Manmachine Interface Update

Young Magazine 2000 / 1 Cover
Copyrights Kodansha

Year 2000 Bishojo No.1 is Miss Yui Shinada! Isn't she pretty? What a nice smile... Wait! Where are you looking at? Sorry Ms. Shinada. You are pretty but Shirow fans would be too busy staring at Major Kusanagi on the lower left corner of Kodansha's Young Magazine 2000 1/1 issue cover to think about anything else. The little picture is actually a cut-out of the poster that is supposed to come with the Ghost Solid Box, due to be shipped out in October 2000, and there is an order form for it in the magazine.

However, the 20th Anniversary Weekly Young Magazine has more than just an advertisement for the Ghost Solid Box. It has a Splendid Book in Book - 12 pages in full color of Koukaku Kidoutai 2 Manmachine Interface; Special Preview! Oh yes! Excellent, exciting, and unique in Sensei Shirow's own way. After looking at the previews, I can only say that Koukaku 2 is highly anticipated and defintiely would not dissapoint. More about the Book in Book later.

Otherwise, the rest of the magazine is the usual Young anthologies, which are somewhat amusing outlooks on the Japanese youths' mindset through manga... Young Magazine Weekly 2000 1/1, Published by Kodansha. Week of 6th Dec. 99, at a price of 260 Yen per issue.

Koukaku Kidoutai 2 Manmachine Interface Book in Book Preview

Book in Book Preview CoverMasamune Shirow's Koukaku Kidoutai (Ghost In The Shell) 2 Manmachine Interface has started serialization irregularly since 1991, and the final installment was 'Dual Device' in 1997. After all these years, it is finally collected, and re-worked by Sensei Shirow with extra materials. The Book in Book is a preview of volume 1 (of 2) due to be published by Kodansha in October 2000 (Limited Editions, regular editions in March). It is 12 pages in full color, and comes as a supplement of Weekly Young Magazine issue 2000 1/1.

Page 1: Level 07... Motoko gets online. Cover page (as shown in the little picture on the right). "Manmachine Interface Koukaku Kidoutai 2 Masamune Shirow".
Pages 2 + 3: Splash page. 2035.03.06.AM08:02... A quiet, blood-splattered swine farm. All the 'Donor Pigs' were brutally shot and left for dead. Several small, insect-like helicopter mechas patrols the scene. Bullet shells scattered around pools of blood and boot-prints. Interesting note: There is a socket for cable jacks on the animals' forehead.
Pages 4 + 5: Splash page. 'Network' collages. Images of possibly military related informations were displayed on multiple online 'windows'. Images include weapon schematics, military mecha, weird looking 'VRX' Network creature, riot scenes, mug-shots of criminals (? maybe soldiers), the life of an African (possibly Nigerian) female military officer etc.
Pages 6 + 7: Splash page. Manmachine Interface. 'P.I. Unit' girl in white suit with spiky ear-rings. Background are images of another girl in martial arts action fending off a male attacker. Also seen is Motoko's 'assistant cyborg bodyguard' (as seen in Dual Device, piloted by a young, dark skinned girl). Possibly all the girls are Major Kusanagi's host bodies.
Pages 8 + 9: Splash page. Spiky ear ring, white suit girl in a reclining high tech chair. Most probably a network terminal... or maybe she's just taking a rest?... hmmm...
Pages 10 + 11: Double page of sensei Shirow's comments on the preview and Koukaku 2, signed and dated November 1999. (*sigh... I should take up Japanese!) Background are images of the white suit girl (she HAS to be Major Kusanagi!) being projected into a military premise (? girls in sailor suits working on switchboards?!?...) And a 3D CG portrait of a silver metallic Takochu... the bar code reads "Masamunetaco-Ginmeta" (metal human Masamunetaco? Maybe!).
Page 12: Back cover. Manmachine Interface. Motoko surfing again (partial body view) and a cool mechanical girl, chest opened up to reveal the mechanisms and parts, with the weird 'VRX' network creature plugged into a connection jack at the rib cage spinal cord (Yes! Too cool!). Small corner box, titled 'Manmachine Interface previous announcement'. If I am not mistaken, this lists the chapters inside the MMI manga, and it has 16 headers listed. This is followed by a short promotion commentary.

Total of 12 pages. Full color. Too good to be true! (Note: I am really confused here, so I am just writing my observations and personal opinions. It would really help if I knew what all those Kanji texts were saying. - Lucas, 17/12/99)

The Limited Edition Ghost Solid Box

Ghost Solid Box; poster and contents
Copyrights Shirow & Kodansha
Publisher: Kodansha, Release: December 2000, Price: 13333 Yen


  1. Special Edition. Koukaku 2 Manmachine Interface. Hardcover, B5 size.
  2. Special Edition. Ghost In The Shell 1. Hardcover, B5 size.
  3. Transparent Fuchikoma Figure, Approximately 200mm long.
  4. Koukaku 2 Poster. A2 size (600 x 420mm).
  5. Final Sketchbook, in CD-case size.
  6. Shirow Illustration clear file.
  7. 'Secret' Item yet to be announced.
  8. Special commemorative Telephone Card order sheet.

After 8 long years, it's here! A brand new Shirow manga! The first printing comes in this special 'Solid Box' set. Very pretty price, don't you think?

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