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3rd Jan. 2005 - Yes it's me. Regulars here (well, once upon a time that is) would notice that apart from the layout, nothing has changed at the MSHP. That's true. I was working on this re-vamp in mid-year 2002 (can you believe it?!). Anyhow... due to something called 'moving on with life' MSHP kinda died when I left the UK. So much has happened since then, and so sorry to dissapoint - The MSHP as you know it long ago is not making a comeback. I just thought that with all the effort I put into this new layout years ago, the least I could do is put it up somehow. Otherwise it would be just a waste of precious time. Besides, Tripod UK and any other free webhosting these days basically... errr... sucks with all the ads and what-not. But I'm not blaming them (they need to eat and stay alive like me ^_^), and I am not so committed that I pay money to host MSHP on some server somewhere anyway. To summarize the key-points I want to put across:

  • MSHP won't be updated anymore, but I'll leave this here as an archive of Shirow info until decide to pull the plug.
  • I no longer have the drive or commitment of years ago to be so active and up-to-date with regards to Shirow Sensei related stuffs.
  • I've updated my current e-mail in the contacts section so those who wish to get in touch can do so.
  • I am still a Shirow Fan and although not as crazy as before, I am trying my best to keep up with the major works ID3, ID4, GITS SAC, Innocence, Appleseed 2004 (o_o... wow)... So no more #1 fan, eh? Its just not that convenient for me to source out Shirow stuffs anymore, which is hard (but not impossible) to do in this country...

  • Beaming right into your PC!
    This website is SO dead!
    Anyhow, I do have some plans which I *hope* will work out now that I am back online - announcements will be made when I'm ready.

    In the meantime, everyone take care and I miss all my good friends which I met thru MSHP from the days gone by. I very much hope to hear from you guys again just to catch up on things. Honestly, friendships are the most valuable and precious thing I gained from my MSHP experience. However, I really suck at keeping in touch :P so hope all of you are doing well. Now I very much wish to join my good Italian friend Puto (haven't heard from him in ages too!) in happy Shirow retirement \^_^/ - Signing off; Lucas

    14th Oct. 2001 - Some delicious Shirow News to somewhat remedy the extra long period of silence from me (not that you all miss me too much ne? ^_^). Anyhow, I'm trying my best to work on quite a lot overdue stuff- the fan art gallery, reviews, my personal section etc. So hopefully I can manage my time well enough to do them soon. On a side note, for F1 fans the Japanese GP at Suzuka this afternoon was really something wasn't it? Superb 2nd-place performance by Juan Montoya and generally a splendid season for BMW-WilliamsF1. Go Monster!! ^_^ Looking forward to the next season, and looking very much forward to do more updates here. That's all this time 'round.

    GO JPM! ^_^

    12th Aug. 2001 - *GASP* Lucas actually updated!~ ^_^;; Shirow News, important ones too which I'm really sorry I didn't have time to do for all of you earlier. And a little update on what's up with me at the Personal section. I doubt I can do much in my current situation but I'll try my best to do something here whenever I can squeeze in a few drops of time.

    8th July 2001 - A little "cosmetics" update. Just tweaking around with this main page. Updated the GITS Book Infos with MMI details, and a little update on what's going on with me at the personal section. Those too lazy to read- I will be disconnected from England tomorrow (no more computer) and it will be some time before I settle down with a stable connection. As usual, you know the purpose of the BBS by now. Daniel, you make my day! ^_^

    30th Jun. 2001 - EVERYTHING is new. New layout, modified content; some taken out, new sections added, too much to list. At the moment, just some new additions- Shirow works listing, Nero Hard re-vised, BBS posting guide, and of course, Shirow News- catching up with happenings in the past one month. I will continue with updates and modifications whenever I can. GITS2: MMI Standard Version is out in Japan 2 days ago, and comes with a cool mousepad. Get this, and get the English one when it eventually comes out. And as always, check the BBS for the latest news and discussions. Enjoy the new MSHP! ^_^

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    More Sections To Come - Under Construction! Apologies~