GUNDRESS - for the Playstation

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Sony Computer Entertainment Inc (SCEI)
Star Fish INC.
ORCA Group

Dual Shock, 1P
Release: 24th Feb. 2000
Code: SLPS-02512~3
Price: 7,800 Yen

What makes this game good? The main, bold, highlighted print at the back jacket of the game cover reads 'Featuring Designs by Ghost In The Shell's Masamune Shirow'. Yup. That's the strength of the game. Sensei Shirow's name. A by-product of an anime of the same name, premiered in Japan on March 1999, Gundress is about a 5 female special task force team set up to fight robot crime in the year 2100 at the notorious ex-Yokohama Bayside city. (Note: See Gundress Page for more details) Control and navigate team leader cyborg Arisa and her tough-grrl underlings as they beat up the bad guy terrorists with heavy 'Landmate' mechas and advanced weaponry... (Enough, enough! ^_^)

To be played on Sony's Playstation (or Playstation 2, for those who keep themselves up to date on the latest hypes in the gaming world, which supports PSX 1 games). Its a one-player game, and I don't know how to classify it, as I haven't seen the game before (maybe I shouldn't critisize so heavily then) but I guess its an SLG-type with a bit of shoot 'em up and strategy. SLG... uhm. I think it stands for 'Simulation Love Game' or something? ^_^ Correct me if I'm wrong. Its the type where you just sit back and make decisions and let the game flow, with bits of animation in between. Comes with rough sketches and designs by Shirow and the animation team as part of the game package.

For an anime that 'didn't quite make the cut', there has been a surprisingly large amount of merchandise and by-products for Gundress (or is the situation in Japan different?). Or maybe its just an indication that this title is doing a lot better than the Landlock anime (Also produced by ORCA Group with designs by Shirow). As I mentioned in the Intro section, it seems the fact that Sensei Shirow worked on the character design is the most important aspect of the game. I really don't know what to say, except that it is very disturbing ^_^... I guess if there is any name that could sell any product succesfully in the anime / game and manga world, Sensei Shirow's name is a safe bet. Anyway, that's enough. I have a copy of this game at home for the summer (Thanks Sakana! ^_^), and I'll be waiting to give some baddy terrorists a taste of the Bayside Bouncers. Buy only if you loose sleep thinking about it. 7800 Yen isn't exactly cheap.

~ Lucas. 26th March 2000.

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