Ghost In The Shell ALPHA Figures

White Out Kusanagi
Hard Disk Kusanagi

Warning! Choking Hazard
Not intended for children under 3 years old. Recommended age 12 years old.

This is it! One of the mass produced Ghost In The Shell figure sets. I'll call this the Alpha figures, since it is produced by Alpha under license from Kodansha. The set consist of 2 figures, the 'White Out' Motoko Kusanagi (gold and black versions have been spotted in Japan) and the 'Hard Disk' Motoko Kusanagi (c/w mini Fuchikoma). These are based on the Ghost In the Shell Playstation game.

There is nothing much to say really, except that for action figures, these were exceptionally detail and well done. Its ready-made, reasonably sized (180mm) and very pretty to look at. However, like all mass-produced merchandise, they have the 'common' look.

Worth having if you're a big Ghost fan, or if you simply wanted 3D Motokos to keep you company. ^_^ Imported and distributed in the US by Toycom. Price.. I am not too sure how much in Yen, but its around 24 British Pounds. Not exactly cheap, but for something this good in quality, its reasonable.

What next? I sure hope Alpha makes a set of the Puma sisters! It would be so easy and cost effective. Just make identical figures and print Anna and Uni on separate boxes! Then everyone has to buy two! Don't you think this is a very profitable thing to do? I'm just being sarcastic.. I'd buy Puma sisters toys too if they were ever made! ^_^

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