A New Masamune Shirow Manga in Summer of Year 2000?

What a way to start the new Millenium!

Okay. I might be exaggerating a bit on the importance of this news... But at least its an indication that we can expect a NEW Shirow manga (unlike GITS2 which is just a continuity) and judging from the Kanji title- it looks to be a fantasy-themed one!
This information is sourced from Kodansha's Afternoon Magazine (which carries the Aa Megami-sama and Mugen no Junin series) August 1999 issue. Afternoon was doing a 1999 - 2000 new manga line-up and I was really surprised to come across Shirow's announcement! The advert is just a 4-koma manga of Shirow himself submitting an envelope to Kodansha (maybe proposal for the new manga?)... It looks pretty funny to me! ^_^ And its nice to know Shirow has not lost his touch of humor! The new series is expected to start its serialization in the summer of year 2000.
All the excitement aside, hey! This is Sensei Shirow we're talking about! And you and I know very well how he is with all this long-term plans! Even in the last panel of the advert, a guy in the background is nervously telling Shirow ..."maybe its a good idea to talk about this after Ghost In The Shell is completed?..." something to that effect!
I'm waiting for a friend to help with the translations of the 4-koma. More when I get the details! ~~

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